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Exotic Colored French Bulldogs

How To Introduce Your New Exotic Colored French Bulldogs To Your Family

Have you recently found a Frenchie for sale? Introducing a new dog into your family is exciting, but it can be stressful for both your family and your new pup. While getting a pet is a positive change, change can still be stressful for everyone involved, including your new dog. If you're looking for a Frenchton for sale in Atlanta, Royale French Bulldogs is here to help. Read on to check out our tips on how to welcome your Frenchie for sale into your family.

Introducing your exotic colored French bulldogs to your family should be done slowly. If you have small children, talk with them about how important it is to be gentle and calm with a new puppy. Be sure to model the behavior you expect from your children. If you're calm and take your time with the new dog, your kids will follow suit.


Talk with your family about what to expect as your puppy gets used to your home. Know that some destruction is normal, and it's not at all a sign of a bad dog. Teething and getting used to a new environment can be painful and stressful, and your puppy may engage in some behaviors that you wish they wouldn't. With exotic colored French bulldogs, it's important to remember that they respond better to positive redirection than negativity. If your new puppy is doing something they shouldn't, distracting them and praising them for choosing a replacement behavior is the way to go.

Start making exercise a family affair. After you bring home your Frenchie for sale, he or she will need plenty of exercise. Involving your family is a great way for everyone to bond with your new puppy. Making after dinner walks a priority is a great way for your family and your dog to get to know each other.

Provide your new dog with a safe space to call their own. Make their space as den-like as possible. A crate that is appropriate for their size with a blanket inside and a bedsheet overtop can create the cave-like experience that your pet craves for rest. Leave the door to the crate open, as your pet should have the option to retreat to their safe space when they need a break.

If you're searching for a Frenchton for sale in Atlanta, Royale French Bulldogs is here to help you find the perfect dog for your family. Reach out to us today to learn more about the dogs we currently have available.

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